If you missed the contact session 21.3.2017 - substitute assignment

Due: Monday, 3 April 2017, 12:00 AM

1. To be able to make up for session 5 (21.3.2017), please get acquainted with the results of the peer groups’ work. You can find the material under Contact Session 5:  21.3.2017 and peer group work - results.


2. If you missed the whole contact day, choose two peer group works (slide sets)  and write approx. two A4 pages reflection about the group work topic e.g. with the help of any following questions:

- did you learn anything new from the chosen group presentation? or do you have any own experiences (e.g. in using presented methods)
- how could you implement that topic into your teaching

3. Please write a short reflection (max. one A4)  about the teaching trial, if you completed it 2.3.2017 and did not participate on reflecting it during the teaching session 21.3.2017.  What did you learn from the teaching trial and the feedback you received? What about learning from others' teaching trails and the feedback they got? How did your plan for the teaching trial work? Was the feedback useful for you?

P   4.  Please give course feedback via MyCourses questionnaire that can be found under the main page (at the bottom of the page) of this courses workspace.

You will receive by e-mail  your personal learning outcomes for the course written at the beginning of the course.


Submit your substitute assignment task at the latest on 3.4.2017