Substitute assignment of 27.2.2018 (CS3)

1. Familiarize yourself with the slides of the third contact session AND read at least one of the articles given in last session. You will find the articles under the Contact session 2: 14.2.2018. (All)

2. Consider and write about Constructive alignment (if you were absent a morning session): 

a) Have you used the idea of constructive alignment in your teaching? If yes, describe the use of it (benefits and challenges). If not, consider the benefits using it from the teachers' and students' point of view. 

b) Pick one or two topic from the articles (learning outcomesteaching methods, student's workload and assessment (Hyppönen & Linden) and describe why it is an important element if you design your teaching according to constructive alignment.

3. Consider and write about interaction in teaching (if you were absent an afternoon session):

Think and reflect on why an interaction is important in teaching and learning? Give examples.

If you were absent the whole day please write two (1) A4 pages.
If you were absent a half day, please write one (1) A4 page.

Submit your substitute assignment here at latest on 14.3.2018.