Exercise 4.2.

Search through the Scopus database 3-5 articles whose topics concern your thesis. By clicking the red SFX link, you will be able to check whether an individual article is available in full text form.

Remember to write your answer in the form of a bibliography (see the instructions about making a bibliography). Notice that citation management conventions used in your department may differ from the referencing systems used here.

You can also use the articles, which you found previously with Google Scholar if you can find them also from Scopus database.


A peer-reviewed article in an online journal - the Harvard system of referencing:
Abbas, H. & Magnusson, C. & Yngstrom, L. & Hemani, A. (2011). Addressing dynamic issues in information security management. Information Management & Computer Security. [Online]. Vol. 19:1 S.5-24. [Cited 30.8.2011]. ISSN 1758-5805. DOI 10.1108/09685221111115836.

A peer-reviewed article in an online journal - the Vancouver system of referencing:
7. Lassalle, V. L. & Failla, M. D. & Vallés, E. M. & Martin-Martinez, J. M. Chemical modification of styrene-butadiene-styrene co-polymer by grafting of N-carbamyl maleamic acid. Journal of adhesion science and technology. [Online]. Vol. 18:15. 2004. S. 1849-1860. [Cited 14.2.2005]. ISSN 1568-5616. DOI:10.1163/1568561042708359.