The diary of your activities that bring you energy, flow and joy.

From today start to fill the diary of your activities that bring you energy, flow state (100% engagement) and joy. It shouldn’t be only work or study related activities, but all types of activities. Don’t put every activity in the diary, but those, that makes you feel great. Some days you might have many of them, but some days – none and it is totally fine to skip the dairy when you have nothing to put in it. The idea is that we want you to observe your feelings and understand activities that are important for you. This assignment is not for grading and we will not make you publicly present your diary. It is to help you to reflect your everyday activities to be able to design a life with purpose and worth living. The diary exercise came from the concept of “Designing your life”, developed in Stanford, Life Design Lab. At the end of the Startup experience course we will arrange the workshop “Designing your life” and you will need your diary during the workshop.

Filling the diary you can also think about mountaintops that you had in your life. What kind of experience in your life made you feel extraordinary? Write that down in your diary.

When you will think about your activities try to zoom them: try to pick up exact experience that brings positive states, for example not just “having a meeting”, but more precisely “arguing and convincing someone”. Thinking about your experience look at it from the following angles: activities, environment, interactions, objects, people.

You can choose whenever format comfortable for you. No need to upload in myCourses. But remember that you have to fill your diary during the whole Startup Experience course! You will need it at the end of the course. We will also check your progress in filling the diary in the middle of the course.