TASK 1A (preparatory individual work assignment)


Regarding the course participant’s own areas of interest or academic profile we ask them to observe and document for a period of time (10.01.19-17.01.19) different subjects that have an impact on their daily routine. The observations should be from a personal perspective, such as a visitor, artist, influencer, developer, etc.

The participants will collect insights (Min. 5) on how they experience architecture, art, design or mathematical expressions, every day for a period of 7 days.

The purpose of this pre-group work assignment is to make the participants to pay attention to their surroundings and reveal insights leading to ideas and suggestions for further concepts. These pre-group work assignments materials will be used during the course process.

• Document different places, situations, phenomena that could have a relationship direct or indirectly with architecture, art, design or mathematical expressions. Describe the impact of these observations on your daily routine. e.g. Personal experience, practical effect, emotional impact, happiness, curiosity, etc.

• The media used for the documentation can be both written and or visual documentation.

• The course participants are encouraged to collect and bring supportive materials, such as photos, articles found on local news, etc.

Outcome: The participants are asked to write a short analysis about the chosen topics, and present to their own  groups. Return your analysis to MyCourses by 17th Jan.

• Why did they choose these particular subjects?

• How does the subject affect the lives of the users (customer, client, other?)

• The participants are asked to identify an intuitive / emotional response to address the experiences described