07: Deepen Task 01

Go deeper into the material you observed in the pre-course exercise (or some other exercise you have done). See how revisiting the same (or related) site opens up new questions. What more you can find out about it in a 45 – 90 minute observation? What can you learn about your own skills of observation?

You can focus on something that caught your attention earlier (a recurring event, a type of garment, a perceived problem, a material object or process, etc.).

Ideally, observe it from a detached position but you can also engage users/people in discussing it.

You can do a simple inventory or audit (classifications and lists). This will produce quantitative and qualitative information about a setting (e.g. wardrobe or public space). See readings for tips.

You can do an 'object interview' about it, invite an interviewee to reflect on what this material item means.

Produce your own notes and file them. Write a report that others could make sense of. Indicate (somehow) how it connects with other bits of work you've done on the course.

The results of this task are for your portfolio.