TASK 1B) Group work assignment by 7th Feb noon

Based on individual assignment part 1A, collective discussions and meetings, choose the most
prominent subject / phenomena / interest area to be further developed into a concept that will serve as a
base for the group creative work.

Outcome: The group will have to build a 10 min. digital presentation (PDF) exposing the following aspects:

• Why the group choose this particular subject?
• How does the subject affect the lives of the users (customer, client, other)?
• How this subject is relevant for other people?
• Can the chosen subject be expressed or condensed on a single emotion?
• Can the chosen subject be scaled or multiply?

The presentation should be both written and visually informative.

NOTE:  this assignment is the material for you to be presented on Thu 7th Feb during the contact meeting. The material has to be online by noon the same day ! Your presentation will then be ready for you to present at Stage. After the presentations you will get feedback from teachers and other groups. For the peer review, some instructions are provided in the 'Materials' section.