TASK 3 A: SHAPE (Upload your group's presentation by noon, 19th March)

Now that each team has present their concepts and direction to follow, the next weeks are going to be about experimenting with shapes and materials, producing mockups and testing construction ideas in order to get the final forms and ways of implementation for your work.


This new task is divided in two stages:


A- SHAPE                                                     (Presentation 19.03.2019)

B- MATERIALITY                                          (Presentation 28.03.2019)




SHAPE 19.03.2019


You are asked to produce a scale model representing what your final piece is going to be, you can use any material that suits your concept and construction technics that are easy to handle within your team.

Is not necessary to build the environment where your piece is going to be placed, but you should go in detail about the next aspects:


-    Size

-    Location for installation

-    Idea for the installation of your work (On a pedestal, suspended from the ceiling, on a surface, etc.),

    the technical details on how to install, will be developed together with our team.

-    Supportive infrastructure (Audio, light, etc.)


The models should be presented in scale 1:1 / 1:25 / 1:50 depending the size of the structures.


Please make a .pdf presentation about this and upload it to MyCourses by 19th March noon.