Final Presentations (Task 3B: Materiality)

MATERIALITY 28.03.2019

According the form and aesthetics you want to achieve, we ask you to research on suitable surface materials for your piece, your choice should be presented among mockups and a further developed prototype.

The prototypes should be presented in scale 1:1 / 1:25 / 1:50 depending the size of the structures.

Please make a .pdf presentation about this and upload it to MyCourses by 28th March noon.

Regarding the limited time we have before the exhibition takes place, we encourage you to strength the dynamics of your teams dividing tasks, and building a strict work agenda of course fulfilling the assignment you will be given within your teams.

Clear communication and trust will be key elements during this last period of the course, you will have lots of work to do and lots of things to learn and apply at the same time.