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Elspeth Diederix: Extract the Magic 

(From Photographer's Playbook)

Choose an object that you normally wouldn't give a second glance. Something that you see ll the time, but don't find very special.Study it carefully and discover a quality that you like about it. Maybe its shape or color, or even the way it moves or feels. Think of a way to photograph it that will show the beauty in this commonplace object. Most often, if you just document the object as it is, its particular beauty remains invisible. You might need to alter something to make the viewer see what you see. Take the object out of its normal surrundings, or change its color, or make it look like something else. All it might need is some special lightning. You must provide the extra element that will extract the magic from the ordinary and make it visible.

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·       Referenssit: Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Rineke Dijkstra, Martin Parr, Marko Vuokola, Edward Burtynsky, Robert Capa, Diane Arbus, Elina Brotherus, Meeri Koutaniemi, Helmut Newton, Lars Tunbjörk

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