Assignment 9: Group project report (1 per group)

The purpose of the group project is to provide you with an opportunity to use the course material in an analysis of 8 discussed topics in one startup. The group project is done in small groups of 4 members. There are two ways you can do this: 

(1) choose one startup, interview founder/s, and write a reflective assays; or 

(2) write about how you have lead (or would lead) your own startup, resolve leadership challenges. 

The project will be graded based on content (i.e., how well it reflects the 8 topics), and innovativeness. 

You cannot use the same case that you analyze through out the course for pre-assignments. Length 10 pages, font 12, line spacing 1.5 (excluding references and figures). The project must deal with the problems and challenges of leadership in startups.

More instructions are to be provided during the first course session (and subsequently made available on MyCourses).

Late submissions will be penalized by 50% point reduction

Grading: 40% of the course