Assignment 4

This is an individual work. 

(a) Reflection on given articles (1 page, Font 12, Line spacing 1.0)

  • Summarize the key points of the articles (0,5 points)
  • Discuss how key points of these articles complement or contradict to each other (0,5 points)
  • Discuss whether and how the points confirm or refute your practical knowledge or intuition (1 point)

 (b) Analysis of individually chosen case (1 p, Font 12, Line Spacing 1.0)

a) Are there any conflicts or potential conflicts between founders? teams?

b) What are reasons for conflicts or potential conflicts?

c) How would you resolve current conflicts and/or avoid potential conflicts? 

Submit your reflection on pre-readings and case analysis to MyCourses  (Folder Assignment 4), DL: 6.5., 15:00

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Late submissions will be penalized by 50% point reduction