Homework 1: Due to Monday the 13th of May at 23:00

Homework 1: Due to Monday the 13th of May at 23:00 

 Reading 1  

1. Mager Birgit (2009) Service Design as Emerging Field, in Designing Services with Innovative methods: Perspectives on Service Design, Ed. Satu Miettinen, Mikko Koivisto, pp. 28-43

Answer the question: What are for you three the most important statements about service design? 

2. Vargo, S. L., & Lusch, R. F. (2004). The four service marketing myths: remnants of a goods-based, manufacturing model. Journal of service research, 6(4), 324-335.

Task: Describe each service characteristics/dimensions from your customer perspective in the relation to products, services and value(s) that they are bringing to you. Find an example of a (Finnish) service for each dimension.    


Assignment 1: Observations

Individually or in pairs 

Shadowing / Observation

Shadowing is contextualised information about how, when and why peoples' action is needed to generate an understanding of the human needs, and to generate meaningful insights for innovation. Traditional observations or diary studies do not provide the same depth of contextual information or detail about the purpose that can be achieved through the shadowing method (Wood & Lewis, 2016).

First, decide where and when would you like to do the observations or shadowing. Then, select the situation, an event, environment or people that you want to observe or shadow to study users, service providers, service delivery or the system. The area of observation can be the point where services are happening, for example, Posti, cafeteria, tax office, bank, S-Market, old fish market, petrol station, bus or train station, Otaniemi Campus. You can conduct this assignment in pairs; for instance, one person focuses on interactions and the second one on customers.

Observe the chosen place from 30 min to 1h and answer the following questions:

•    What different stages make up the service?

•    What are people involved in delivering the service and what they do?

•    What objects they use or interact with?

•    What spaces does service take place in?

•    What information is available to people?

•    How people involved in delivering the service contribute to the experience?

 Make notes of your observations, take photos (ask before if people agree with that) and sketch the space. Feel free to use for this assignment the MindLab template. At the lecture, you can be asked to report about the findings.

Bring answerers to readings and assignment at the lecture.



Wood and Lewis, (2016) Shadowing an observational method accessible at https://visionone.co.uk/shadowing-as-an-observation-method/