Homework 2: Due Monday the 20th of May at 23:00

Homework 2: Due Monday the 20th of May at 23:00

 Assignment 2: Blueprint 


1. Read the paper: Bitner, M. J., Ostrom, A., & Morgan, F. (2008). Service blueprinting: A practical technique for service innovation. California Management Review, no. 50, vol. 3, pp. 66-94

2. Create a Blueprint of a service that you observed at homework 1. If you require more information about the backstage processes, browse the service provider website, find a relevant article or other materials about organisation/company service delivery processes.

3. Answer the question: What are the benefits that companies in the cases achieved when implementing Blueprint?

Bring the homework at the lecture.


França, C.L., Broman, G., Robèrt, K.H., Basile, G. and Trygg, L., 2017. An approach to business model innovation and design for strategic sustainable development. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, pp.155-166.

Task: Create the business model canvas for the company where you are working or a service that you are familiar with.