Sara Cwynar: Object Lesson

Look for five to ten objects that are somehow related – it could be by colour, type of object, quality, even a theme like "tropical" or from the same place like "stuff from Mom's basement". 

See what your chosen object look like photographicly and how they relate when they are placed together in one image. Narratives will develop between objects.
Shoot a roll of film of your objects placed in different arrangements. Take some out, put new ones in, move them around.

Palauta yksi kuva, jossa tutkit asetelmakuvausta, syväterävyyttä ja kompositiota. 

Palautettava jpg-formaatissa MyCoursesiin, tehtävän palautuskansioon 24.9. mennessä. 

Referenssit: Slinkachu, Irving Penn (Still lifes), Mat Collishaw (Death Row Meals), Man Ray (fotogrammit), Marjukka vainio (kukat).

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