Teaching observation (interaction), DL 28.10.2019

Due: Monday, 28 October 2019, 11:27 PM


  • Visit  an exercise class where you act as an observer. If possible, visit a class of your group members or your course mates. 
  • Focus on interaction in the classroom and note down at least the following: How was it created? What kind of session it was? How a teaching assistant created and supported interaction?  Which aspects you found supported students' learning process? You can add reflections and insights of your own. Be specific, be positive, and give constructive feedback. 
  • Use the feedback form for this; it appears below this text after clicking on the title of this box. The form has generic instructions on points to pay attention to when observing a teaching session. You may follow these instructions to expand your observation, but remember that your task this time is to focus on interaction. Give your feedback to your peer/the teacher (ask them first if they want the feedback; you may also elaborate on your feedback verbally with them), and submit it to this submission box with the name of the observed peer/teacher removed. This feedback is visible only to the course teachers.
  • Although you use the framework given in the form to write on this teaching observation, reflect on the teaching situation by also thinking about the issues on interaction and feedback that we discussed in the classroom (that are summarised in the slides) and elaborate on each section in the form. This elaborated reflection is not part of the feedback you give the teacher you observed.
  • Return to this box the form containing your observations, reflections and the feedback you possibly gave the teacher you observed. This is an indivdual assignment.