Exercise 6.2

Kibler, E., Salmivaara, V., Stenholm, P., & Terjesen, S. 2018. The Evaluative Legitimacy of Social Entrepreneurship in Capitalist Welfare Systems. Journal of World Business, 53(6), 944-957. 

Read the Theory and hypotheses, and Research design and method sections of the article by Kibler et al., (2018), and answer the questions on it:

  • What kind of theory/-ies do the authors use to build their model and ground their hypotheses? 
  • How do they operationalise their model into variables (DV, IV, control)? 
  • Would you have ideas for improving the process of building a bridge between the theory and the empirics (e.g. do you think they argue their hypotheses convincingly, do the variables fit well with the concepts, and could they have included other control variables)?