Preliminary Exercise

Due: Tuesday, 27 October 2020, 11:59 PM
Make a submission

Drafting a research idea


A) Organise an overview of the study you would like to conduct for your master thesis and talk about the ideas you have (approx. 1-2 pages). In your overview, include (a) the problem or phenomenon you plan to study with its benefits and implications, (b) the research objective(s), (c) the type of data that would be useful. Include your motivations and the potential implications of this future work. Consider whether your phenomenon can be answered with a qualitative or quantitative design.

B) Additionally to the written text in A), fill in the Research Design Canvas as good and detailed as you can. You will find it in the "Materials" section on the left. Information on how to fill out a Research Design Canvas / What a Research Design Canvas is and also a blank Research Design Canvas, which I just created to help you. Feel free to create your own or also do it hand-written (and then scan it). Please try to convert all material into PDF and combine the text and the Canvas into one common document.

In case you might have problems understanding what a research design canvas is and how to fill it out, maybe this online page can help you a little: