EXERCISE 4 - DENSITY (Due 12:00 Fin. time, 07.10.20)

Ex.4 Density

In principle, density is a trivial concept with two unknown variables – it quantifies entities per reference area. Therefore, it is difficult to use density as a static local measure to describe the ever enlarging opportunities people have to interact with their surroundings. Despite all the (not-so-minor) assumptions that density-analyses (plural of analysis) contain, they still remain part of the basic tool kit of urban analysis.

Density analysis is not a single measurement, but rather a family of measurements that quantify important features in a relevant spatial container.

This said, this week's task is threefold:

1) Which feature of density, considering your own interest or disciplinary perspective, could be most relevant to good/bad urban environment?

2) How can it be measured?

3) Perform analyses and post it to the up.aalto.fi/ by THURSDAY afternoon (12:00 Finnish time).

Thank you!