EXERCISE #6: Creating problems

In the world where orphan solutions seek places to be implemented, the most important role of a planner is not to solve a problem, but to create one! 

During the first half of Studio we have tried to get further understanding of qualities and characteristics of our project area in Vantaa. Now it is time to build an overall understanding of these explorations.

TO DO: Using observations made in class in the Quality, Density, and Diversity exercises, please, formulate 3 to 5 more specific definitions of the needs to further address in developing the project area.

1) Write max. two (2) page long description report with the following sections.

  • Problem definition (in 1-2 sentences)
  • Location(s) where the problem is best observed (include coordinates or small site map).
  • Brief description and components of the problem. In order to be more precise use questions such as: To whom? When? Under which assumptions?
  • You may use references and images to support your story.

2) Submit the first draft ideas to up.aalto.fi today 16.10 by 4pm. You should modify, edit and polish your report until 29.10.

NOTE: In this exercise we are not allocating solutions but aiming to be more specific in understanding the nature of a problem! Therefore, the problem cannot be the “lack of public transport, or parking spots”, but more a specific description around “someone’s need to travel somewhere”.