Thesis Milestone 1: Extended Thesis Plan

Creative Sustainability Thesis Milestone 1 Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to give details on what is required from students in the Creative Sustainability programme to pass the thesis process Milestone 1, ‘Extended Thesis plan’.

Extended Thesis Plan

Students need to participate in a Preliminary Thesis Plan presentation during week 6 of teaching period 1, or week 6 of period 2. The presentation should include a topic area, tentative research questions and ideas for methods. The plan at this stage will be used to assign a supervisor for the student and approve the topic.

Students then need to submit an Extended Thesis Plan and have a supervisor meeting, in order to get approval for the plan and the 10 ECTS for the first phase of the thesis. This meeting and approval should happen in November-December for those who presented in September, and in January-February for those who presented in December. Extended Thesis Plans should be submitted by email directly to supervisors. Please also upload approved extended thesis plans here.

The extended plan needs to contain following items:

-Student name, student number 

-Provisional title



Introduction: What is this thesis about? Why have you chosen this topic? What is its significance, what are its aims? What could this thesis contribute to debate and practice in the field of Creative Sustainability?

Background: Review of this topic. What do we know already? What angles, conceptual frameworks and methods have been used? What is the current state of knowledge?

Your theoretical / conceptual framework: How do you approach your topic? You can draw on previous literature on the topic, or argue for a different approach.

Methods: How will you carry out the work? What are you planning to do? How will you collect/make your material? How will you treat/analyse it? How will the methods you are considering help you produce the evidence and analysis that your thesis needs? (check the Design Research course for review of methods)

Timetable with a rough allocation of working hours 

List of references that is properly formatted

A suitable length for this text is approximately 10 pages (not including your reference list and images). Write in proper academic style. Use references in the text and list all your references in a reference list. This way, you produce text that will be useful for you in the final thesis. You can use images as well. Take time to edit your text thoroughly and annotate your references.

Milestone 1 is a useful tool. However, bear in mind that thesis work is a creative process, and no two individuals can have the same experience. Supervisors recognize that student performance may vary considerably while still conforming broadly to the three 10-credit sections. In awarding credits, supervisors will use their judgement to help you get the best possible results. They will also recognize that later phases of your process may necessitate changes in e.g. methods. Take the first milestone as a very useful and essential compass/map/orientation for your thesis journey.