Creative Sustainability Preliminary Thesis Plan

Creative Sustainability Thesis Preliminary Thesis Plan Guidelines

Here are guidelines for the Preliminary Thesis Plan in the Creative Sustainability programme.

The Preliminary Thesis Plan
acts an opening for the thesis. It should contain a specific thesis idea and supporting concepts. This plan, as it is understood to be a reflection of work that is in-process, helps facilitate discussion between the student and reviewers, especially with potential supervisors. The Preliminary Thesis Plan is a prerequisite and precursor to the Extended Thesis Plan.

See the Department of Design’s thesis plan template. Your Preliminary Thesis Plan should contain:

The background section: the project’s field, topic, precedents and references 

A research question 

The project’s proposal and methods.

Possible partners in the project and potential advisors/supervisors 

Potential costs of the project and funding if applicable

An estimated schedule of the project: separate blocks of time should be allocated for different parts of the thesis

-Risks of the project and a plan for dealing with setbacks if they arise


Preliminary thesis plans should be submitted here at least five days before presentations. On presentation day, students present a short (less than ten minutes), visual presentation of their thesis ideas for feedback.