Substitute assignment for day 2

For those who could not join the whole  or half contact session 2

Read the slides for day 2 and write your thoughts and reflections on the two following topics:

  1. Read about Learning services functions and write and reflect what was new to you in them/have you encountered situations as a TA in which you have used their services/or could have used them. After having read Jenni's slides, write down if you still have any questions, or something was unclear.
    (Write ½–1 page on this topic).

  2. With reference to the three levels of thinking about teaching, how can different teachers affect how students learn (surface or deep approach to learning)? Do you see any problems if a student uses only the surface approach or only the deep aproach to study in all of their courses? How can students cope with learning subjects in the given amount of time? Address all of the questions in this topic. (Write 1–2 pages on this topic)

For those who were not able to join the "keynote" part (from 9-10):

  1. Do the part one described above.

Your text should not exceed three pages in all.

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