If you missed the last contact session - substitute assignment DL 22.4.2021

To be able to make up for session 5 (8.4.2021), please get acquainted with the results of the peer groups’ work. You can find the material under Contact Session 5 and Peer group presentations. Follow the instructions below where applicable:

1. If you missed the presentation of your own group

Write approx. 1 A4 page reflection about your group's topic. What do you think was particularly important in it?

2. If you missed other groups' presentations

Choose two peer group works (slide sets/materials) and write approx. two A4 pages reflection about the group work topic e.g. with the help of any following questions:

- Did you learn anything new from the chosen group presentation? Or do you have any own experiences (e.g. in using presented methods)?
- How could you implement that topic into your teaching?
- Is something important missing from the presentation? You can look for additional information (research articles) about the topic and add relevant points and information. If you do, remember to write the references.

Groups and their topics:

-Interaction in online learning

-Study motivation


-Impact of COVID-19 on assessment

-How to organize group work and make sure that everyone is involved?

-Interaction in online teaching