Sprint Assignment 1: Press Release Draft Assignment 1 (8.2.2020)

Grading: Pass/Fail (or pass with merit)

Please write a short draft of a press release and upload it to MyCourses as a pdf file.

 The team Sprint Assignments will need to be uploaded on Mycourses discussion according to each team's discussion forums. Two other teams will be assigned to give feedback to the press release updates. 

This is the first draft, which will update after every sprint based on what you have learned so far. The final version will also be part of your final team deliverable with the customer-driven feasibility study.

Structure of the press-release draft

Add the following information to the page header:

  • Text: “Startup Experience spring 2021 / press-release draft 1”
  • Team number
  • Names and student numbers of all team members

Start the text with a headline that clearly names the problem you have chosen to solve.

Write an opening paragraph that gives the most important details about the problem and who has it. Remember that the SDGa are the context but your problem should be more defined and ‘human size’. You should write this paragraph as if it’s the only part anyone’s going to read. Try to be interesting so that the reader would continue to read more.

Include quotes from your company spokesperson and from a hypothetical satisfied customer. This means a minimum of two quotes.

Keep your press release simple! 3–4 sentences for most paragraphs. Assume that the reader is intelligent but ignorant about your subject i.e. don’t use jargon, acronyms or technical terms, which are difficult to understand.

You will receive feedback on the press-release from two student teams and give feedback to two other teams on their drafts.

Teams will provide feedback by the end of the week on Friday at the latest. If failed, assignments must be re-submitted on Friday at the latest.