Project Square

Opened: Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 9:12 AM
Due: Saturday, 24 April 2021, 11:59 PM

Deliver one to three project squares that can present your project in a nutshell. This material will be used on social media and other means of advertising before the Final Gala. We will also use this digital material for remote purposes during the Final Gala. The deadline to submit this visual content is 24th April at 23:59.

Project square:

  • Picture format: 1080x1080px
  • Number of pictures expected: 1-3
  • Please use the project square as a way to briefly summarise your project and to sparkle peoples interest. You can see examples from last years posters and have access to the official Aalto and PdP logos here.

Submit your Project Square by the deadline here. (In case the file is over 400MB, you can submit a link to your project square stored in 3rd party service). 

Be as creative as you want!