Individual Assignment: Self-reflection (25.03)

Due: Thursday, 25 March 2021, 9:00 PM

Post in group forums

This is your fourth self-reflection and some progress has been made so we want you to reflect on how you as a team have been working together and what kind of results and progress have been made. Every member of the team (including COO) must record a video (max 1-2 min) and post it in the group forum by 21:00 Thursday 25.2.2021

These are some guiding questions that can be your framework for the second reflection. Questions will be changed after this one. 

- What did I do to understand the problem better?  

- What did I do for our team to work better together? 

- How did I use the course content to better our team dynamics and build a better understanding of the problem? 

- What can be improved during the last sprint in terms of individual and teamwork? 

- What did you learn from doing the interviews in terms of the problem/customers/users? 

Do not work on this until the day before the pitch or after the pitch. We want to see the development and progress of the group up until that day.

Tips: Use a youtube link or Panopto or drive link for video submission.