Main Electronic Workshop Homework

If you have attended the Electronic Workshop and would like to complete the Main Workshop Assignment to get one additional credit in PdP, here are the next steps.

There are two options to complete the workshop assignment. The first was to do an Advanced Workshop (1), and the second was to do a Small Project (2) on your own. The deadline for both options is 15 January 2022. While it might seem like a lot of time, please start booking time and planning already as there are Christmas holidays in between. 

(1) Advanced Workshop:

This is tailored for each PDP team, so it would make sense if the participants from each team did this together. We will go more in-depth with concepts that are relevant to your team. Depending on your team, you will either work with Teemu or Shreyasi for this. For this purpose, you should contact the staff assigned to your project and fix a plan for the workshop. Think of this as a design sprint for your project's electronic prototype. We can also order specific components before the workshop for your project based on the plan for the workshop. Here is the breakdown of the teams for each facilitator.

  • Shreyasi: Foamwood, Konecranes, Lifa air, Cleandet
  • Teemu: Saab, Sako, Elwood, Särkifood, Ensto

(2) Small Project:

This project can be anything that you want to build. It should have some sort of sensing and some output for whatever it is sensing. It also needs to be complex enough and not just a copy of an online project. Please discuss what you want to make BEFORE you start on it so that we can agree if it is ok or not. You can borrow components for this from electroshop, and of course, if you get stuck with something, we can help you or point you in the right direction.

Please document your Advanced Workshop or Small Project and submit a short informal write up with pictures of what you did for the submission, along with showing us the final build. You can submit this as a pdf or word doc in MyCourses below.