VR Tools Workshop - Assignment

Due: Tuesday, 1 February 2022, 11:59 PM

If you have attended the VR Tool Workshop and would like to complete the workshop assignment to get one additional credit in PdP, here are the next steps.

To complete the workshop assignment, you should create and develop a project with VR. Within this project, you can:

  • Use VR as a design, research, or co-creation tool.
  • Design and develop a project that can be visualized through VR
  • Film, video, and audio that can be viewed through VR
  • Interactive experiences through VR

You can use this opportunity to work on a project that involves your PDP project or can in some way be beneficial for your PDP work in the Halfway Show or Final Gala. You can also choose to work on an individual personal project if you wish to do so. Please document your process.

Send your preliminary ideas and work progress by the 10th of January to Sushant (sushant.rajpassi@aalto.fi). The final deadline for completing the assignment is the 1st of February.

If you have further questions, please contact Sushant (contact above). 

Submit your workshop assignment below. Please contact the teaching team if you have any issues submitting your work due to the file size.