3D Printing Workshop - Assignment

Due: Monday, 7 February 2022, 12:00 AM

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 3D-printing workshops. Last Tuesday, we had the workshop session, and on Wednesday, some team meetings in PrintShop in which we discussed questions related to the workshop and what this technology could contribute to your projects. If you have participated in the sessions mentioned above and want to get one additional credit on PDP's, you should complete the workshop take-home exercise described below.

As a way for your team to benefit from this workshop, there is a take-home exercise in which you'll have to apply what you've learnt. The exercise is to submit a 3D-printable part(s) in STL-file format below on MyCourses. If you are working on an assembly or multi-part component, you should send multiple files. The deadline for the submission is 7.2.2022.

In this take-home exercise, you should also submit an image (could be a crude communicative drawing) that clarifies how the printed part fits the rest of your PdP project, which will help us assess the quality of your part. Additionally, due to the complexity of PdP projects, a short description of the image is also required, this should describe the purpose of the printed part. Be sure to mention whether the printed part is a functional component or just a mock-up approximation. Also, clarify if you plan to modify it later (e.g. drill holes, put in an insert for a screw, machine it, polish it etc.), because this affects the settings used to 3D-print the part.

In summary, your team's submission on MyCourses should include the following:

  • 3D-printable part(s) in STL-file format.
  • An image.
  • A short-description.

If the part is submitted correctly and is possible to 3D-print, Erwin will make it for you, and you can then pick it up at PrintShop and get your additional credit on PdP. If you are doubtful about the design and might need some tweaking before submission, you can stop by PrintShop or email Erwin (erwin.laiho@aalto.fi) before the deadline. Note that it is required that the design leads to a successfully printed part for you to receive one additional credit.

Erwin & our printers are excitedly waiting to see how they can help your projects! Please submit the take-home exercise below: