Aalto Orientation Days Reflective Essay

Due: Monday, 12 September 2022, 11:59 PM

Write a reflective essay (1-2 pages) of the Aalto Orientation Days for doctoral students. Please reflect on what you learned and how it might be useful during your doctoral studies. Pick some points you want to cover, there is no need to include everything that was presented.

Please use Gibbs' reflective cycle* or some other recognized reflective writing method. You may write one reflective cycle where you reflect on all the points/topics you want to reflect on, or you may write several small cycles for the different points/topics you have chosen and reflect on each point/topic separately. If you choose the later you may conclude your reflections in one overall cycle.  If using another method than Gibbs reflective cycle, please provide sources that describe the method.

Submit the excercise to MyCourses. Please use the pdf file format. Mention your name and student number in the text and name the file with your last name.

*Learn to reflect on your learning by using the Gibb's refelctive cycle. Familiarize yourself with the Gibb's refelctive cycle for example though the following links: