Due: Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 9:00 AM

1-2 people’s groups

10-30 Powerpoint slides

Every student saves their presentation to Mycourses

The function of the analysis task is to support the urban development task by gathering background information about the site and generating ideas for development. Please think, which kind of possibilities for new construction these create.

1. Urban design. The urbanistic subdivision of the area for new development (based on the understanding of the context and the area) and reference projects for those subparts (Mikko)

2. Nature. The subdivision of the area into natural habitats, their effect on development possibilities and reference projects for the construction on those subparts (Julia + Anni)

3. Traffic. Building by Länsiväylä: The effect of the motorway to construction on site and suitable reference projects (Emmi-Riina)

4. Landscape art. Hannu Sirén’s bedrock sculpture and possibilities to integrate it to new development; ideas for additional art integrated to development (Elias)

5. Programme. Ideas for feasible building functions and their extents based in the location and reference projects (Tsurui)

6. Adaptive reuse. Possibilities to expand existing buildings and adequate reference projects (Nooa)