Phase 2: Reflective analysis (Deadline October 23, 23:59)

Due: Sunday, 23 October 2022, 11:59 PM

Reflective analysis on the effects of digitalization to our life, society and/or business environment

The purpose here is to provide you with the opportunity to make your personal reflection on digitalization phenomenon, and connect it to learning objectives of this online course. That will be done by producing an analytic essay on your own observations, opinions and experiences on digitalization: How the digitalization has affected our life, society and business environment via the digital technology adoption and the different caused phenomena (such as disruption, convergence, consumerization, democratization, servitization to mention a few ones)? Describe the change and the related implications via some real-life examples. You can focus your analysis also into one dimension of change/phenomenon/development that you cover more thoroughly - or focus on using mainly one (e.g. personal, technology, company or society level) perspective.  Take also a stand on the development that your describe: Do you see it (partly/mostly) as a positive, neutral or negative in the light of different factors such as threats and opportunities? Use the discussions in online lectures as the source of your inspiration and include your own reflective thoughts, observations and possible experiences. 

The essay should meet the following criteria: 
• Submitted as a PDF 
• Length 3-5 pages + possible appendices (like reference list) 
• Single line-spacing 
• Font size 12 
• Used sources to be cited and listed as references following some consistent citation notation (Note: reference list is not included in the page count above).