Substitute assignment for the first session (if you were absent 16.11.)

Due: Friday, 16 December 2022, 12:00 AM

A substitute assignment for those who were absent from the first session. This assignment is partly similar to the pre-assignment so you can use those reflections in this assignment as well. 

1. Please read the materials (pdf slides) of the first session.

2. Write your reflections and thoughts about the article (Annala et al.):

  • How did you find it, was there something new? Was there something challenging?
  • Were you able to identify the position of your programme’s/ major’s curriculum in the framework provided in the article? 
  • Were there some aspects that you would like to strengthen when developing the curriculum of your programme/major? 

3. Evaluate your curriculum from these aspects (based on the session slides) and write your reflections: 

  • What kind of objectives has been set for the education and what kind of objectives there are for the student? What objectives can you find? 
  • Alignment of the curriculum and the use of ILO’s
  • The balance between knowing, acting, being
  • How do you develop the building of shared understanding with the community?

What kind of strengths can you find and what about any areas of development?

Please submit 1,5-2 pages assignment here in this area, DL by 17th of November.