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5. Copyright

Copyright is automatically generated for the creator at the creation of an original work, no separate application or registration is needed.

  • Copyright protects works for 70 years from the death of the creator. 
  • Copyright protects an ordinary photograph for 50 years from its production, and an photographic work of art for the same period of time as other works of art 
  • A subject or an idea is not protected but its original manifestation.
  • In co-authored works copyright is shared by all creators.
  • A creator reserves the right to make decisions on copying, modification, making available to the public, displaying, and receiving monetary compensation on the use of the work.

  • The format or quality of the work is not relevant as long as the work is original (it may be a painting, drawing, sketch, photograph, film, video, writing, design work, sound, performance, dance work, map, diagram or computer program etc).
  • The creator is entitled to a compensation when the work is used.
Also make use of the Copyright guide where you will find video lectures in copyright

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