1. Introduction to the weekly schedule: setting goals

Prioritising. What are the most important things to you?

Do you still remember the ABC system? Let’s revise just to be sure.

 Group A goals are things that ‘create meaning’: you reach goals and lead the life that suits you.

  • Group A goals: choose four to six key things here, such as your most important courses towards the major and your most important leisure time goal. These are the key tasks that will help you reach the results, goals and future you aspire to. Use your prime time and most of your energy on these, working on them at the effort level of 80 to 100%.
  • Group B goals: Necessary, often routine tasks, with less impact on results. Use only a moderate amount of time and energy on these with an effort level of 60–80%. While these necessary routine and auxiliary tasks can be interesting but they are less crucial for your goals.
  • C goals: things you do if you have time. If you are in a hurry, you can leave these out. Input level 0–60%


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