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Content: {Material covered in lecture} \( \cup \) {concepts introduced in the submitted homework questions}.

We covered most of what is in the lecture notes. Here are comments about some sections.

  • Hasse diagrams (not covered)
  • Linear extensions (this was covered although I perhaps did not use the exact same terminology)
  • Conjugates (this appeared in the homework although it was not disucssed in lecture. So this is included)
  • Even and odd permutaitons (not covered)
  • Fixed points of permutaitons (not covered)
  • Euler's theorem (not covered)

Things you should know:

  • Main definitions and most important theorems from each chapter.
  • Notation and terminology

Things you should be able to do:

  • Write logically correct statements and definitons using correct notation and terminology.
  • Produce short proofs using the key techniques we covered. The subject of the proofs could be anything from the course.
  • Be able to compute / work out examples of the main objects we disucssed.
  • Solve random problems involving material from the course.

How to prepare:

  • Write your own summaries of the main points from each chapter/section/lecture.
  • Make sure you understand the examples done in lecture.
  • Look over the exercises. Compare your solutions to the solutions posted in MyCourses. Many pronlems have more than one way to solve them.
  • First go through the submitted exercises but look also at the preliminary and additional exercises.

Past exams:

We all know they are available on Tenttiarkisto. I have not looked at them closely and my style of exam is not necessarily the same. But of course the content is mostly the same and it does not hurt to solve them, but I would concentrate on the material from lectures and exercise problems first.

Difficulty and grades:

  • The exam will have some easy questions some moderate and some difficult questions. Maybe even just a few points of very difficult.
  • The letter grades will be given out in a fair way consistent with other and past courses :)

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