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We are mainly in computer class room U344 on Tuesdays (weeks1-5 of the course) and in Y338 (weeks 1-5 of the course) on Thursdays, but during guest lectures we are in Vesitalo rooms 286+287 During weeks 6 and 7, all teaching occasions are in Vesitalo rooms 286+287. On weeks 6 and 7, we have only contact teaching on Thursdays, no contact/online sessions on Tuesdays nor Wednesdays. Thus, note the differences in the rooms!

The ArcGIS Pro and HEC-RAS software can be found from this classrooms' computers. Also PyCharm, Anaconda and Matlab can be found from these computer rooms.


Computational environment

You can use Aalto computers remotely via mfavdi.aalto.fi (classroom computers). You may also use virtual computer via vdi.aalto.fi.

A video (created by Vili Virkki) about using remote access computers can be found here:

Video: Connecting to VDI



HEC-RAS should be available also following Aalto classrooms (note that the software version has been only checked from U344 and Y338 classrooms, thus pay attention if the correct version is in these rooms): U257, Maari C, Maari D, Maari E, U256. You may also install the software for use in your own computer: https://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-ras/download.aspx 

ArcGIS Pro should be available also from classrooms: U257, Maari C, Maari D, Maari E, Y344, U351, A235, A229, A202b, A046, 148 CAE. 

Anaconda and PyCharm are also open access softwares.

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