The main document in the application is the motivation letter. With the motivation letter you can show little bit of your ways of thinking, describe your skills and explain how you see your role in a multidisciplinary team.

Focus on the preferred project only.

Tell what you can give to the project. Do not only say you are motivated and loved to travel and meet people - we know that! So, go deeper! Give some insights into you as a person

Imagine and describe the optimal process how you would do it from the beginning till the end. Where do you start? How do you proceed? Go through the whole process including your vision for team work, field trip and involving the community. What is your scenario of the project? Tell also what you can give to this project and to the process, what could be your role? Tell also what do you think you will gain from participating in this project? What is your personal learning experience? What are your expectations? Tell are you able to travel with the team for two weeks and if you are prepared to collect money for the travelling expenses.

Write concise, well-structured text. Maximum two pages only. You can also visualize it, make sure the story you want to tell is clear enough to be understood.


In addition tell if you are interested in joining the other projects if you don't get selected in the preferred one. List the projects in preference order in the end of the motivation letter.

There is external travel grants available for the PBL East Africa Uganda and PBL South Asia Nepal projects. Therefore we might also interview shortlisted applicants.

ELEC students can only apply to Nepal for ELEC project!

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