This week our goal is to get familiar with three basic mindfulness practices and learn how to be mindful. You can try to find some routines for doing the practices, for example:

  • - a mindful routine in the morning, e.g. brushing your teeth mindfully (5 min)
  • - listening me practice (5 min) during your lunch break
  • - body scan practice (15 min) in the evening

  • Mindfulness is a state of open attention on the present. It’s living here and now. Mindfulness involves nonjudgmental conscious awareness of one’s feelings, thoughts and surroundings. When doing the practices try to:

    • maintain an open awareness of the present moment
    • observe in a non-judgmental way
    • use beginner's eye

    When doing mindfulness practices your mind will wander and every time when you notice that just gently bring your attention back to the present moment.

    1. week practices are:

    • Doing one daily routine (e.g. brushing teeth, eating a snack) in a mindful way: notice all the sensations and observe them in a non-judgmental way
    • Listening me (audio)

    • Body scan (audio)

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