Workshop: Team is everything - Jan 9, 2019 - 09:15 - 12:00

Building a (startup) team in 40 minutes

These students at Yale tell you what to expect (5 min)

Building a great team (5 min)

Building a team does not happen at the snap of your fingers. Here is a 5 stage model that describes nicely what a team can go through after it has been formed. (5 in)

But the team’s performance is not the responsibility of the leader (alone), as a team member, you carry an equal responsibility. Here are a few hints on how to be a good team member, regardless of how your leader (perceived or actual) is doing. (5 min)

In most courses at Aalto, you will be assigned into groups. In this course we want you to act as a team, not a group. What are the differences between teams and groups? (5 min)

What type of leader are you? Different leadership theories explained to highlight what aspects of yourself you can pay attention to understand your own leadership style. (5min)

The role of the CEO (10 min)

Before the Workshop on the 9th of January you have to complete Lifeline exercise.  The instructions can be found in the template. Please, take your lifeline with you at the workshop - you will need it. 

Before the Workshop on the 9th of January you have to complete your future career description. The instructions can be found in the template. Please, take the assignment with you at the workshop - you will need it. Please, save the career description on your computers - you will need it at the end of the course.

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