Frequently asked questions

How do I get a seminar topic?

There are two ways to get a seminar topic.

  • You can contact any professor, lecturer or researcher (for instance, a postdoc or a PhD student) at the department or a person (with a master degree in computer science or related field) working with a company and request a custom topic. You can find the list of the thematic areas of the department and the related members here; you are also encouraged to visit the webpages of the individual research groups. This is the preferred option if you had some experience of working in a research group (for instance, for a summer internship or a special assignment) or if you are interested on a specific topic (e.g., of a course you have attended or you are dealing with at work).
  • You can wait until we release a list of seminar topics collected from the research teams in our department, a week from the beginning of the course at the latest. You can then request a topic according to the related instructions. This is the preferred option if you do not know whom to contact or if you have a broad interest in computer science without any specific target area.

Can I pick my own topic?

You can as long as you find an eligible tutor. Tutors must have a master degree in a technical field (preferably computer science, engineering or similar).

I am not in Finland when the semester takes place. Can I still take the course remotely?

We strongly discourage anyone to take the course remotely, as this makes interacting with their tutor more difficult. Moreover, attending the final seminar day is mandatory. We may accept exceptions to this rule only for well-motivated reasons; for any related inquiries, please contact the responsible teachers through the course email alias.

Is attendance mandatory?

Completing the seminar course requires attending the final seminar day. Please check the course schedule and mark the seminar day on your calendar to make sure that you will not miss it.

I have an exam (or project demo or other course evaluation activity) during the seminar day. What can I do?

Inform us as soon as possible and we will schedule your presentation so that you can attend the exam (or project demo or other course evaluation activity). However, remember that you have to attend the rest of the seminar day.

My tutor has left Aalto during the course. What can I do?

Inform us as soon as possible and we will take the appropriate measures to make sure that you can complete the course nevertheless.

How many seminar courses are there? I see two of them in (Web)Oodi.

There are two course instances of the seminar course. While their learning outcomes are the same, the related practical arrangements differ.

For detailed information about the two instances, visit the related MyCourses pages.

How does the integrated English support module work?

See the related information.

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