Workshop "Designing your life" the 4th of April

“Designing your life” course

The world is changing and linear trajectories to reach one’s desired career don’t work anymore. One getting a degree and then working in that specific field all their life is unlikely. New technologies encompass traditional areas of activity forcing people to be flexible and learn fast. Employment as a concept is shifting from a single stable place of work to multiple freelance jobs. It is natural for freelancers to live with no clear plan of where they might be or what they might do in a couple months’ time. The way things are now, it is impossible to create a static image of yourself, to develop a rigid plan and implement a typical sequence of actions necessary to achieve it. However, despite general uncertainty it is possible to design and get a life worth living - meaningful, joyful and fulfilling. The methodology to design a life like that is called “Designing your life”. We refer to the multidimensional notion of "life" – life in all its aspects, such as work, love, health, play and other components. “Designing your life” is part of design thinking methodology. The method applies a certain way of thinking that has allowed us to create outstanding technological and social innovations. Now, it will be used to design the most complex of issues – life.

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