Write essay version 1.0 
The aim of this essay is to begin to formulate your approach to teaching and learning. When you combine theoretical knowledge with your prior experiences, reflect on your values and thoughts, you begin to develop your own approach to learning and teaching. 

For the first version you can also write about your viewpoint on how do you think your students learn/how learning [insert you field here] happens. What is the role of a student and a teacher in the process of learning. 

  • See the document  "Instructions for essay"
  • Utilize for example, your pre-assignment and discussions of learning concept (mindmap) as a starting point for your essay
  • The essay is written in a form of an essay (with references to literature)
  • The length is around 2000 - 3000 words.
  • (For the next version (2.0), you can include your views on learning theories or some teaching methods or models based on the theories. How are they shown in your teaching or in your thinking? Could you use some ideas in your teaching? Or if you have already used them in your teaching?)
Submitting essay
Please submit your essay version 1.0 to your groups' discussion forum (see the discussion below) by the deadline 18.4.2019 so your peer have enough time to read it and give feedback on it. When you submit your essay, start a new discussion and name it "Your Name-version 1.0".

Give peer feedback on a essay that is assigned to you, DL 2.5.2019

Please see "Giving and receiving feedback guide" (see the document below).

Here are the groups. You are supposed to give feedback on ONE essay e.g. Päivi -> Virve  = Päivi  gives feedback to Virve. You can still read two essays if you like :-)

  • Group 1: 
  • Group 2: 
  • Group 3: 
  • Group 4: 
  • Group 5: 

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