Tue 3.9.2019 Answers to questions sent in Presemo

10.44 » Does project works have to be based on Major subjects?

- Depends on the project work. If the project work is a part of a course included in the major, then the project topics are related to the major. You are allowed to participate in other kinds of projects/project courses as a part of your elective studies.

10:41 » Does internship in companies count as credits for thesis?

-          Internships do not count as credits for thesis. Thesis is an independent research project of 30 ECTS. However, it’s possible to work on the thesis in a company, and most commonly theses are commissioned by companies as thesis placements and not as internships. It’s possible to include 5 credits of internship based credits in the degree electives.

10:11 » When are we supposed to submit our HOPS?

-          HOPS deadline is in the end of October.

10:10 » 1) When are we supposed to submit our HOPS? 2) Also, once submitted HOPS, are we supposed to stick to it or we can update it when required?

-          HOPS deadline is in the end of October. HOPS can be updated whenever needed.

10:07 » What is the preferred time to complete possible exchange studies during the master's degree?

-          Exchange studies are recommended for the second autumn of your master’s studies. Note, that by the end of the application period in January, you must have completed 25 credits.

10:06 » When the Finnish language course will start?

-          Like all courses, language courses also start on week 37.

10:01 » How many credits/courses comprise a minor?

-          Minors are 20-25 credits.

09:57 » When needs the study plan to be accepted?

-          Study plan deadline for students is at the end of October.

09:54 » Are there official fall and spring breaks?

-          There are official breaks only during Christmas and summer.

09:54 » When will we be assigned mentors

-          Mentors are assigned, or more precisely students sign up for mentoring as of Monday 9 Sept in the course ELEC-E0110 Academic Skills in master’s studies. Sign up takes place in the MyCourses space of the course.

09:54 » Is it possible to complete exchange studies with partner universities / when can I apply?

-          Yes it’s possible to complete an exchange. Application period is in January 2020. You must have 25 credits completed by the time of the application.  

09:47 » What is the teaching period?

-          The academic year consists of five teaching periods, each teaching period is 7 weeks long.

09:46 » How many credit do we take from Language Center?

-          If you are required language studies (mainly those who have not completed their BSc in Finland), the amount of required credits is 3. The credits are placed in the elective studies of your degree. You are free to take more than 3 credits of language studies.

09:45 » What is Study plan exactly? How should to organise that?

-          Study plan is a document where you inform us which courses you have selected for your degree. Study plan is done on a template in sisu.aalto.fi.

09:26 » Could you explain about credit transfer?

-          Credit transfer (studies completed elsewhere included in a degree in Aalto) is possible but depends. Each credits transfer is evaluated case by case. Studies that have already been included in some other degree are generally not transferred.

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