Waterjet cutting workshop spesific:

  • The facilities and the machine may be used only for study related work.
  • A workshop master will operate the waterjet cutter.
  • The reservee will be present to handle materials and files.
  • When working the required safety precautions must always be observed.
  • Use ear and eye protectors!
  • Lift safely! if the materials are heavy, reserve time for bringing in lifting devices.
  • Tools and machines have to be cleaned and returned to their proper places and the working space must be left clean.
  • If defects in machines or tools occur, please inform the staff immediately.
  • It is forbidden to borrow hand tools.
  • Make sure that you put your name, address and date on your work.
  • After evaluation is completed, works have to be taken away, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • The staff is not responsible for works or materials left in the workshops or public spaces. During morning cleaning all items left on the floor will be thrown away. No mercy.
  • It is not allowed to bring other private electrical devices than your phone and computer and their chargers into the workshop building.

Viimeksi muutettu: torstaina 7. toukokuuta 2020, 13.22