Reframing and Ideation Workshop

Here the message from Senni and Tua to you:

We are hosting an online workshop on Wednesday, 28th October, from 15.00-18.00, where teams can work on their briefs. Sponsors are welcome, too! We hope that every team will have a minimum of two members (a student pair or a student and sponsor) present to enable jointly trying out the reframing and ideation tools introduced in the session. While you will have some raw ideas already after the workshop for your projects, the purpose is to teach a variety of approaches you can then utilize in your projects going forward. 

We will be using Zoom and Mural, so to make the experience smooth, we ask for signing up in advance here:
If you're not familiar with Mural, don't worry. You'll get to know how to use Mural during the session.

best regards,
prof. Tua Björklund & MA Senni Kirjavainen

This is not a mandatory workshop, but it's open to anyone that is interested in learning more about ideation and problem reframing. By attending the session and submitting the homework assignment you can earn 1 extra credit as a part of PDP!

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