Choose a suitable topic: a course or a workshop you have done already, something you might do in future or something you would like to do.... or something totally fictional.

Focus on building a positive and constructive atmospehere and activating your students. Plan some sort of structure for the course / workshop: what happens before the first online session and what happens afterwords? Do the students get some materials before the first session, is there a pre-asignment etc..

Define what tools you are using and how. Are the cameras on or off? If you prefere that the students have the cameras on, do you inform them in advance? What are your arguments? Why is it important? Do you use polls, chat, something else..? (Let´s create a tip list as a forum discussion.)

How about slides? Do you have something visual you want to share right in the beginning or could it be easier to create contact without slides? (Or at least a couple of minutes without slides?)

The substance could be a course introduction (=great beginnings) OR some other part of the course if you like. My idea is that in the beginning you set the rules of interaction and create some sort of communication culture for the course and that´s why it´s interesting to practice the beginnings.

So.. how does the actual demo work? At first you could explain the group what´s supposed to happen before you meet the students online. Then you´ll do the demo as a teacher and the people in the group are your students. Afterwords you could explain shortly what happens next on the course / workshop. All this should take about 10-15min + then we´ll have a feedback discussion.

These instructions are just ideas so feel free to do whatever you find useful! Just remember the time limit and that the focus should be on building atmosphere and interaction with the students.

Ask if you have any questions.

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