Assignment: video lecture DL 3.12.

Choose a suitable topic and record a video lecture, max 15min. DL 3.12.

The idea is to use the kind of material the students could go through on their own for instance before a course begins or during a course.

Send a link to + your small group. (we´ll figure out the groups later.) You could also explain the context a little bit: what´s the course, who are the students, what are the learning objectives regarding the video, is there an asignment attached, do you want feedback on something spesific etc.

We´ll have feedback discussions on Dec 10th.

You can use panopto or whatever you like, as long as you´re able to send a link to your small group.

Check panopto instructions below.

You could also use the studios in the learning centre:

In the mini-studio you can use a lightboard, it´s pretty interesting! In the self-service studio you can easily record lectures and presentations with panopto and you don´t need to bring any cameras or other gear with you.

Whatever you do, try to practice contact with the camera, especially in the beginning! Also consider how much you want or need to emphasize the slides. How do the students get the feeling that you´re talking to them and that you´re in contact with them?

Also... one option is to record an interview or a lecture together with somebody. In that case zoom might be a suitable tool. (=a recorded discussion as study material)

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