Working without access to computer class

As we are working remotely, the access to Granta Edupack program gets a bit more complicated. It is strongly recommended that you check out access to the program beforehand.

To have access to Granta Edupack program:

1) Use Virtual Desktop to access Granta Edupack on Aalto online from your own laptop. This is easiest way to go, but might be slow. See:

2) You can also download Granta Edupack from  (this works unfortunately only for PC computers, though Mac users could use Bootcamp or emulator to run Windows on Mac).

3) If absolutely needed, it is possible to get access to campus computer rooms to make assessment there. Depending on guidelines, you may need to reserve a workstation for the contact days of teaching. 

Or then, if you just can’t access CES Edupack:

4) Follow lectures and create an assessment project completely without Granta Edupack. Use several external sources and create comparison from those. The outcome is kind of project essay, but follows similar structure and form as with project made with Edupack. Perhaps rather than any specific product (if not very simple), focus on some material that you can assess mainly with external sources.

Hope this helps and if there still is questions just ask:

Last modified: Thursday, 7 January 2021, 7:48 PM